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TOP3 Best Cast Rating 2018

Pubblished on
6 December 2018

Getting closer to end of the year it is time of evaluations!
We start with some premises: BravOpera ratings are originated from a simplification of the critics’ work, that means our numbers has not the ambitious of objectivity and didn’t want to replace the deep reading of critics’ reviews but just giving a new tool to see how an opera production was on average. To know more about how BravOpera works, here are the FAQs.
The ranks we will present from today until the end of the year take in consideration all productions of Teatro alla Scala, Royal Opera House and Opéra de Paris, new productions of Staatsoper Unter den Linden and Deutsche Oper, excluding new operas and special production (as those made by Accademy).
This first article is devoted to the TOP 3 BravOpera best cast rating of 2018!

Third prize 96/100
The third place goes to Don Giovanni of Royal Opera House. Among 11 reviews very few of them were critical about singers. Don Giovanni was the Polish baritone Mariusz Kwiecień and Leporello was the Italian baritone Ildebrando D’Arcangelo. Don Ottavio was portrayed by Pavol Breslik, Anatoli Sivko was Masetto and Willard White the Commendatore. The women present in this great team were the American soprano Rachel Willis-Sørensen as Donna Anna, Donna Elvira was Hrachuhi Bassenz and Zerlina Chen Reiss.
This production, a revival of Kaspar Holten’s mise en scene on 2014, led by Markus Minkovsky, didn’t like to the critics because of the large using of projection and lack of coherence in the storytelling.

Second prize 97/100
Second prize dead heat goes to Opéra National de Paris with Parsifal and to Teatro alla Scala thanks to Orphée et Eurydice.
The new production of the Wagner’s last opera was signed by Richard Jones and conducted by Philippe Jordan. It went through important technical issues that forced the Opéra to cancel many repetitions and postpone the premiere. The critics didn’t appreciate neither the Jordan’s work nor the Jones’ direction, but strongly loved the singers: Peter Mattei as Anfortas, Reinhard Hagen as Titurel, Günther Groissböck as Gurnemanz. Klingor was Evgeny Nikitin, Parsifal was the Austrian tenor Andreas Schager and the only woman Anja Kampe as Kudry. Real a Wagnerian team!
Orphée et Eurydice had less singers but it was a more balanced production, with Michele Mariotti conducting. Orphée was Juan Diego Flórez, Christiane Karg her wife Eurydice while L’Amour was Fatma Said. With this result the Peruvian tenor confirmed to be still one of the most appreciated singers of the world.

First prize 99/100
We found Opéra national de Paris on the top spot, too! Best cast of BravOpera 2018 goes to the singers of the diptych La Voix humaine, with an astonishing Barbara Hanningan and Le Château de Barbe-Bleue with John Relyea as Le Duc and Ekaterina Gubanova as Judith. This revival signed by Krzysztof Warlikowski was very appreciated as Ingo Metzmacher on the pit.

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