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Cookies Policy



A “cookie” is a text file created from websites on user’s computer at the moment in which the latter accesses to a website. The purpose is to store and transport information. Cookies are sent from a web server to user’s browser and stored on the latter computer. Then, cookies are sent to the website in case of following accesses.

Some operations may not be accomplished without the use of cookies which are, in several cases, strictly necessary. In other cases websites use cookies for facilitating and helping user’s navigation or to allow the latter of benefit of services requested.



Session cookies

The website www.bravopera.com use session cookies (which are deleted when the user closes its browser). Those cookies are limited to the transmission of session identifying (casual numbers generated by server) necessary for the safe efficient navigation within the site.

Third party cookies

On the website www.bravopera.com are operative also third party cookies, meaning cookies created by a website other than the one that user is visiting.

According to the Provision of Italian Privacy Authority of May 8th, 2014, the controller shall provide a link to privacy and cookie policy and consent forms of third parties with which the controller has an agreement for installing cookies on its site.

Third party cookies are of anonymous type, meaning that the formers allow to collect and register anonymously information on pages visited, but do not allow to identify the user and are not combined with other information. Those data are used exclusively for tracking and examining the use of the sate from users, in order to have statistics of anonymous collected information and to use data in aggregated form.

In particular, users are informed that the service of web analysis that release cookies used by the controller is “Google Analytics”, described as follows.

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”) that use cookies that are stored on user’s computer in order to allow the visited website to analyse how users use the website itself. The information generated from those cookies (IP address included) will be transmitted to Google and stored on Google servers located in United States. Google will use those information to track and examine the use of the site from users, fill reports on website activities for website operators and provide other services related to the activity of the website and use of Internet.

Google may transfer those information to third parties where is prescribed by the law or third parties treat information on behalf of Google itself. Google will not assign IP addresses of users to any other data possessed by Google. User can, at any time, refuse to use cookies selecting the proper option on its browser.

You can read the privacy policy of Google related to Google Analytics and, therefore, express your consent of those cookies on http://www.google.com/intl/en/analytics/privacyoverview.html.



Accessing to the site and passing by the initial banner containing the short statement of cookies user expressly agreed to the use of cookies above mentioned.

The selection/deselection of each cookie can be done by your personal browser (select settings menu, internet options, open the board related to privacy and choose the desired block level of cookies).



Sul sito di www.bravopera.com sono presenti dei particolari “pulsanti” (denominati “social buttons/widgets”) che raffigurano le icone di social network (esempio, Facebook, linkedin, etc.) e di ulteriori siti web (Google+, slideshare, etc.). Detti bottoni consentono agli utenti che stanno navigando sui siti di interagire con un “click” direttamente con i social network e gli altri siti web ivi raffigurati. In tal caso il social network e gli altri siti web acquisiscono i dati relativi alla visita dell’utente, mentre il Titolare non condividerà alcuna informazione di navigazione o dato dell’utente acquisiti attraverso il proprio sito con i social network e gli altri siti web accessibili grazie ai Social buttons/widgets.



Data are treated by IT procedures and IT devices and, on a residual basis, on paper supports. Data are treated by processors internal and/or external (this latter case will be based on contractual basis). Data are stored in IT archives and, on a residual basis, in paper archives, in both cases respecting the safety measures provided by the law.

Beyond the controller, in several cases, either internal processors due to the organisation of the site, or external, may be involved in data treatment when necessary and if nominated by the controller.

The list or processors can be, at any time, requested to the controller.

Place of treatment

Data are treated at offices of controller and in any other place where people involved in the treatment are located. Do not hesitate to contact the controller for any information.

Time of data preservation

Data will be preserved for the time necessary for providing services requested by users or requested according to the purposes of the treatment.



Personal data will not be diffused by the controller.

Communication to third parties, different from controller and processors, is allowed for pursuing the purposes of data treatment, within the related limits, to other subjects and other companies, commercial partners, engaged in the correct and regular pursuing of described purposes. In any case, the treatment from third subject or companies shall occur with accuracy and according to the law.



Subjects of data treatment may enforce its right as provided by articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Legislative Decree June 30th, 2003, n. 196 by contacting the controller. In particular, according to art. 7 the subject can obtain the confirmation about the existence of its personal data, even if not yet registered, and their communication in an intelligible form.

The subject has the right to obtain information regarding: a) the origin of personal data; b) purposes and modalities of treatment; c) logic applied in case of data treated by IT devices; d) who is the controller, the processor and the representative eventually nominated according to art. 5, par. 2; e) subjects or categories of subjects to which personal data can be communicated or who may acknowledge in quality of representative or processor.

The subject has also the right to obtain: a) update, rectification or, when it is interested, integration of data; b) cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or impede data treated in breach of the law, including data of which the collection is not necessary considering the purposes of treatment; c) statement that operations of letters a) and b) are acknowledge by whom data have been communicated or diffused, except the case in which such fulfilment is impossible or is manifestly not proportioned to the protected right.

The subject has the right to oppose, in whole or in part: a) for legitimate reasons to personal data treatment, even if data are related to the purposes of the treatment; b) to personal data treatment regarding advertising material or direct sale material or for market research or commercial communications.



The controller of personal data treatment is S.r.l. with registered office in Via Francesco Brioschi 26 – Milan. For any communication, request and eventual exercise of the above mentioned rights, please write to info@bravopera.com.

The controller keeps an updated list of processors, if nominated, and allow subjects to examine it at its registered office.