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Our Mission

Bravopera.com is for opera enthusiasts everywhere. We created the site to cater both to those who have a longstanding passion for opera and to those who are new to the art form.

Clear information and easy access to site content at Bravopera.com help fans more fully enjoy this performing art and to share reviews, advice and news related to the world of opera.

Because we seek to be a source of quality information, Bravopera.com and our editorial team strive to remain completely impartial, both in our selection criteria and in our evaluations, so as to ensure that the various assessments remain as objective as possible.

Bravopera.com is also a social platform on which users can share their opinions, show appreciation for the advice of others, and discuss all the hottest topics from the world of opera.

“It’s our mission to collect and disseminate knowledge about and for the world of opera.”